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We had a great weekend with KISSIN Time and I added a few pics not from the show but in my private section.


Ok -

I havent updated my page since a very long time. Many things have changed and cant call everything back nor put all the pics on my page. So - its like starting again.

I put some new pics on my page...not about me but about something that intersts me.


Whee hee that was fun! Read here a short review about yesterdays concert.

It was a great concert last year and now they are back - Alice Cooper is coming back to Germany to kick our lame asses. This time they will have Eric Singer back on the drums again ( KISS seem to be on their summer holydays ), Chuck Garric on bass and Ryan Roxy on lead guitar.  

Thats such a great line up. My friends and me we will go and see the guys at the Berlin Show on 7.19.2005. 

Hope to see you there too.

I added some pics from the ESP gig to the TIHS section and a new picture of myself too.

There will be a KISSIN - Time Helloweenparty in Soest. Join us and have a great time there.

Read more about it here.