Alice Cooper


First of all I really have to tell you something. Although we're a big rocking family some of you guys still acting like little children. They try to push and pull people out of their ways just to get better seats. But listen - if youre too late the fans which were waiting for hours at the concerthall will not let you pass - no matter how hard you fight you wont attain to the front row. Another thing is that some of you don't seem to get enough gifts from their parents. Yes its nice to catch some of the goodies the old man throws into the crowd but you dont need to fight to get them as if youre life depends on it. He will come back next year ( or the year after next year ) and then you will have another chance to catch a stick or a whip ( *biggrin* :) ) or what ever but stop hurting uninvolved people.

Thats a metal show and thats why you just have to act this way?


After many years of being a fan of metal music I made the experience that those shows are much more fun if you work together and not against the other fans ( if not you better buy yourself a punchingbag ). We payed a lot for the tickets and are just there to have fun.

And now fucking grow up!


But now back to the main topic.

My friends from Leipzig and me arrived at the concert hall around 4pm and met the die-hard fans from Poland and the lady from ( although we didnt talk much its always nice to see familiar faces ). When they opened the doors and we survived the run to the stage we had a nice view from the second row again. Evidence One got on stage ten minutes earlier than planed. They really rocked! Too bad nobody seemed to know them but they did a good warm up for the main act.

'The Main Act' - the old man and his friends - woke the lame crowd up. They had many great songs like 'Billion Dollar Baby' or 'Feed My Frankenstein' on their setlist. Because this was the 'Dirty Diamonds' Tour Vincent was throwing strings of silver pearls into the audience and - like always - his daughter Calico Cooper and the other stage persons were doing a great background show again. When they performed the traditional beheading one of the stage persons sucked on the Alice' rubber head and then he spat fake blood into the audience ( I was totaly covered with that stuff :D ). Later Calico dressed up as Paris Hilton and killed her ( fake ) pet dog.

This was the second time this year I saw Eric Singer and Chuck Garric live. It was a strange feeling to see those guys suddenly on such a very big stage but they did a very good job. Chuck has a boneshaking voice too and Eric was shmashing our eardrums with his thundering drumsound. Ryan was a god on the lead guitar.

When the show came to an end Alice introduced his bandmembers and as the  audience was freaking out he asked 'whats my name?' 'Alice!' the crowd screamed. Once again he asked 'whats my name?' 'Alice!' the fans shouted again. And then he asked 'whats my name in German?'. Everything went silent and just a laughter filled the hall.

This was so great again. I wish I had as much money and freetime as the polish fans and could have taken a picture with the band too :(

Youre so great and the show and the music is just what I need. I hope to see you guys soon again live in concert. Thanks a lot for this great evening.


( pictures coming soon )