I had to confess seriously - I dont like open air concerts because whenever I visited a concert like this it started to rain. But because I havent seen those guys for a really long time and Katja and Katrin wanted to buy me a ticked as a birthday present I decided to go with them to the KISSIN - Time gig in Iserlohn. And this time we were lucky. The weather was extremely fine!

After we left our trunks at the hotel we wanted to find out where the gig took place. We kept our eyes peeled fot a sign or another hint, we were asking the people on the gastation if they knew where the "Barendorf Rocksommer" took place but nobody didnt have any clue. Short before the place sign for leaving Iserlohn we found a sign pointing to the "Rocksommer" stage. At the same time the big red KISSIN Time band bus arrived on the horizon. They stoped beside us and invited us to come in. After we hung out with them while they were building up the stage we went back to the hotel to get ready for the evening.

The show was reallygreat. Just not as loud as they are used to be. But they rocked and I enjoyed the show so much so I didnt have enough time to take pictures. Almost the whole town seemed to be there. Many parents brought their children with them and for me it seemed they loved the show as well ;)


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