KISSIN - Time are a great KISS cover band with a fantastic show. They sound just like the originals and its a must to watch them if you are a KISSfan and like to rock and to party.

I met Katja a few moths before that gig on the internet and persuaded her to go to a KISSin - Time show in Leipzig a month before that gig in Potsdam. I saw them three years ago here in Berlin and although I was almost too shy to ask them for photos I remembered that they were very nice. After that the show in Leipzig she was just as facinated as me about them and because we thought it was time to meet each other in person we planed to meet in Potsdam at the KISSIN - Time gig.

On Saturday the 3.23.2004 Katja and Katrin came all the way from Leipzig just to see KISSIN - Time and to meet me. We met a a few hours before the gig started at the central station in Potsdam. The gig had to take place at the 'Blauhaus' and after we had found it we took some pictures together. And waited a long time for the show to start because we arrived while the opining band was still checking the sound.  Little by little more fans arrived and after the doors opened we found seats near the stage. Then a girl came to our table and she introduced herself as Dany. We started a little conversation untill the opening band began to play. Their music was interesting but after the third song already every new song seemed to sound just like the song they played before. When their part was over we had to wait a few minutes in front of the stage again before the KISSIN - Time show began. It was so indescribable great and just what I really needed. Singing and dancing to my favorite music and enjoying it with a couple of friends around me. I was taking pictures of the show and when I felt like dancing I put my camera on the stage beside a monitor. Suddelny Thorsten took it and I thought 'Oh no, now hes angry because I put my camera there on stage'. But then he wanted the crowd to move up closer and he took a photo of us. At the end of the show I had two picks, a rose and a part of the KISSIN - Time guitar. Just like I said it was so cool exept for that drunken guy who always came over and stepped on our feet or tried to push us away. When the gig was over we took some pictures with the band and Katja and Katrin drove back home. I stayed there with Dany who made friends with Andy and after they washed away the make up und put their insturments back into their car we followed them to the hotel. While Mike, Thorsten and their girlfriends went to bed Kreischi, Andy, Brian ( the Roady ), Dany and me stayed there for a whlie and watched tv. We left around six o'clock in the morning.

Thank you KISSIN - Time for that great show. I just cant get enough so please come back soon.


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