8.21.2004 Burgwerben


HIMSELF are a great HIM coverband - better than you can imagine. Because of the long year musical and stage experience of the band members they sound almost better then the band they cover.

My friend Katja invited me to visit her in Leipzig again and while I was thinking about this offer Thorsten ( vocals ) and Andy ( bass, background vocals ) two of the five band members invited me to their gig, too. so I decided to spend some days in Leipzig. Katja and my other friend from Leipzig Katrin picked me up in Potsdam and took me to their city.

The next day after we prepared for the gig and spend more than a hour in the car looking for Burgwerben and especially for the place where the gig had to take place and we drove in and out of the town again. We awaited big signs or posters of HIMSELF or of the two other bands. As we entered Burgwerben the second time I  saw a very small hint on a road sign with 'Zur Festbühne' printed on a very small piece of paper. After Katja found a parking space we asked some girls if they knew where HIMSELF were playing that night. The gig took place in a schoolyard of a vocational school. There were many young persons - students of the school maybe - and while I was looking around to find a familar face Andy shouted 'I know them!' and walked over pointing at us. We had a small talk and soon Thorsten met us too and invited us to come backstage. We had a great time and funny conversations as long as the other two bands ( I cant remember their names ) were playing. The guys gave us some of their posters and then they asked me to take some photos in front of an old house before their gig started.

When the show began Katja taped the whole gig and I tried to take more pictures. It was incredible great but after and after the audience left because this was an open air gig and it was rainy and cold that night. I was surprised by the professional way they were playing those songs. Andy and Thorsten are great at their KISS cover band ( KISSin Time ) but I never believed that they can play other songs from another band just as good as the original band does.

When the gig was over we had them signed our posters and took even more pictures. We left at 1 am or so. Thank you HIMSELF for the great night...please come back for more gigs.


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