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If you are a fan of real good music made by well known musicans you probably missed one of the most unique rock events of the year.

This time we had to set off very early in the mornig because it was announced that the first 150 people who ordered their tickets online had a chance to get in earlier. After spending eight hours in a train we finaly arrived in Babenhausen and made a run on the concerthall. But nobody except one guy was there and the doors were still closed. So we went back to the hotel, freshed up a little and got ready for the concert. When we were back at the concerthall there was still no one else but that guy waiting for admisson. We joined him and after and after more and more other people arrived there too. Although it was a long time of waiting we had a great time there...we met new friends and some people opened the doors of their cars and  played some KISS tunes.

We didnt get in earlier but we were the first people in the front row. The special guest 'Crystal Dusk' was totaly unknown but they really rocked! The boys were jumping around all the time and suddenly their lead singer jumped off stage and sang surrounded by the audience.

Short time after them the main act ESP got on stage. Those professional musicans really did a good job and rocked the hall although some fans seemed to be a little tired. They played songs from KISS like 'Watching You', 'Black Diamond', 'She', 'I Walk Alone' and 'Jungle'. They had a few songs from Union and also Mötley Crüe. John suited the songs Paul Stanley orignialy sang perfectly to his voice. When they went backstage the audience was screaming for encores and began to sing 'I love it loud' so they played that song when they came back on stage too. Chuck had just the right voice for that song.

After the whole show we had the chance to get us some autographs and take pictures with the band. I had Bruce signed my Audiodog cd and Eric my Pearl T-Shirt. Because I had nothing for Corabi and Garric to sign I just took some pictures. Too bad they just sat behind a table so there was no real chance to take a good picture with them. Maybe next time.

 This was the first time I have seen Bruce Kulick, John Corabi, Chuck Garric and Eric Singer live in concert and it was the greatest musical appearance I have heared for a long time.

 We really enjoyed the show and hope to see you soon again in this line up here in Germany.

Thank you guys.


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Crystal Dusk







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