The news of the new year seem to be that KISS want to visit Europe again. There are almost daily new rumors about where and where they will play although nothings really approve so check back. ;)

But that still not enough - Mr Frehley is planning a tour too. A few dates in Europe are already confirmed and rumors say that there will also be gigs in Germany.

Heres a link to a very cool Paul interview: 

And not to mention that KISS had their 35 anniversary on January 30...


Just like I said  many things have changed. Mark St. John the former KISS guitarrist who replaced Vinni Vincent after he left KISS died of  cerebral haemorrhage and Paul and Peter published a new album just to mention a few changes.

The latest thing from KISS is that our heroes had to play as a trio because Paul had a cardiac event.

It happened at the sound check but he wanted the band to perform without him.

I hope its nothing serious and he gets better soon. 


Woo hoo !!!!

Lordi - big KISSfans from Finland who worked already with Bruce Kulick - won the Eurovision Song Contest. I hope this helps Mr Simmons and Mr Stanley to think about a few shows here in Europe becaus we realy want to see masked shock rockin metal men and its realy worth the long journey ;)

See a few pics of Gene and his family here.


Our Spaceman Ace Frehley turns 55 today! 

Happy Birthday!!!!


Read an interview with the guitarrist from Paul's new solo record here.

And another one with Eric Singer here.

If you want to read what Tommy had to say click here.

Yeah...KISS will be on an official soundtrack again. Its the music for the Garfield movie and will be - one of their most famous songs - Rock and Roll all night.

Watch the trailer here.

Did you ever wanted to smell like KISS? There will be some new KISS fragances in store this September so keep your eyes ( and noses ) open ;)


Rumors, rumors, romors

Rumors say that Eric Singer has left KISS again and Denny Carmassi will replace him. 

Does this mean that Eric will not be with KISS in Japan? Here are the japanese Tourdates:  

18.Juli  Nagoya Rainbow Hall
20.Juli  Fukuoka Kokusai Center
22.Juli  Tokyo Udo Festival
23.Juli  Osaka Udo Festival

But there is also an Alice Cooper gig on July 22 and Eric cant split into two...