Paul Stanley

Real name: Stanley Harvey Eisen

Hair color: dark brown

Eyes: brown


Favorite color: black and silver

Birthdate: 20.01.1952

Birthplace: New York, Queens

Residence: near Los Angeles

Marital status: devorced ( he was married to Pamela Brown )

he married his longtime companion Erin Sutton on 11.19.2005

Children: his son Evan

Hobbies: art, paintings, music

KISS character: The Starchild

KISSmember since 1972 until now

Instruments: Rythm Guitar, Lead Vocals

Influences: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin

Bands before KISS: Rainbow, Wicked Lester

Films: The Pigkeepers Daughter (1972 ), KISS meets the Phantom of the Park ( 1978 ), Return of The Bruno (1988 ), Detroit Rock City ( 1999 ), Millenium ( 2000 )


About Paul Stanley:

Paul was born on 1.20.1952 in Manhattan. He, his mom, his dad and his older sister moved to Queens in the early sixties. Paul grew up with the sounds of the opera because his parents listened to it very often. He began to play guitar at the age of 13 and although he taught himself he took also some music lessons. He got soon involved in bands as singer and on the guitar and in his first real band, Uncle Joe, they had two guitarrsts and a drummer but no bassplayer because none of them knew a bassist. This was rather a small band and later Paul joined the badn Post War Babyboom. This band was more serious than Uncle Joe. They even developed their own material and recorded some songs. Paul also played in a cover band and several other bands until he met Gene. They stated working together in Rainbow wich later transformed into Wicked Lester. To raise money for their new band Paul worked as a cab driver. Because Gene and Paul didn't like to cover other bands songs anymore they had now the chance to play their own stuff. Later Gene and Paul left Wicked Lester to form a new band. They found Ace and Peter and added them to their new band...KISS.

Paul is also working on projects beside KISS. He was on tour 1989 with other bands and performed KISS songs. 1999 he played the Phantom of The Opera in Toronto-Canada and he is still co-songwriter for other bands.