Gene Simmons


Real Name: Chaim Witz ( later changed into Gene Klein )

Hair color: Brown

Eyes: Brown

High: 1.90m

Favorite color: Black

Birthdate: 8.25.1949

Birthplace: Haifa, Israel

Residence: Beverly Hills

Marital status: Single but seriousley

involved with Shannon Tweet

Children: son Nicholas and Daughter sophia

Hobbies: horror movies, girls

KISS Character: The Demon

KISSmember since 1972 until now

Instruments: Bass, Guitar, lead Vocals

Influences: The Beatles, The Rolling STones

Bands Before KISS:  Long Island Sounds, Cathedral, Bullfrog Beer, Rainbow,

Wicked Lester

Films: KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park ( 1978 ), Runaway ( 1984 ), Miami Vice ( 1985 ), Trick or Treat ( 1986 ), Never too young to die ( 1986 ), Ragman ( 1986 ), Wanted Dead or Alive ( 1987 ), Return of the Bruno, Red Surf ( 1990 ), Datroit Rock City ( 1999 ), Wish You Were Dead ( 2000 ), Millenium ( 2000 ), The New Guy (2000), At Any Cost ( 2000 )


About Gene Simmons:


Gene was born in Haifa, Israel. When he was nine years old and his parents got devorced he and his mother moved to America. He changed his Name into Gene Klein and learned to speak the english language by reading comic magazines and watching tv. Gene became a fan of horromovies and thrillers. When he grew older he worked as a paper boy and later at a butchers shop to finance his his growing interest in horrorfilms. Gene also thought about becoming a rabbi because of his relegious background. While his interest in girls kept on growing another interest began to develop too...the interest in girls. Gene also found a way to impress the girls when he saw how the audience reacted on a Beatles concert. The had a great influence on him and so he began to learn to play guitar when he was 18 years old and began to play in several bands just a few months later. Once Gene was looking for a guitarrist and Paul Stanley answered on his add but Gene rejected him several times before Paul had the chance to join Genes band. His band Rainbow didn't last long but it turned into Wicked Lester. At this time he still had enough time to do another job. Gene worked as an english teacher for spanish children and he taught them english the same way he learned it - by reading comic magazines.

In the beginning of the 70ies they decided to require a new drummer. They simply bought a Rolling Stone magazine and read the add: "Drummer with eleven years experience willing to do anything to make it". This was Peter Criss' add, Peter Criscoula at this time. They had chosen him because he was looking good enough for them to fit in the band. A few mothns later Ace Frehley joined the band too and KISS was born.

Gene was and is still working on projects ouside KISS. He discovered bands like Van Halen and recorded songs with bands like Anthrax, Wendy O. Willams ect. He is the master of merchandising an beside all this he sometimes appears here and there in several tv movies. He also wrote his autobiography "Sex Money KISS" and "KISS and Make Up".