Bruce Kulick


Real Name: Bruce Howard Kulick

Hair color: black

Eyes: brown

High: 1.90

Favorite color: *

Birthdate: 12.12.1953

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York

Residence: Los Angeles

Marital Status: devorced from Christina

Children: none

Hobbies: guitars, music, tv and his dog Joe

KISSmember from 1984 - 1996

Instruments: Lead Guitar, background vocals

Influences: Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin

Bands before KISS: Blackjack, The Good Rats

Band after KISS: Union


About Bruce Kulick:

Bruce was born in Brooklyn, New Your on December 12th in 1953. In 1964 he and his brother Bob moved to Queens. Bobs big interest in music rubbed off on Bruce and when Bob bought a guitar Bruce was interested in it as well. He learned from him very easy but it took a little time before he started to play in bands. Bruce actually played bass because Bob played guitar so Bruce's first instrument was a Gibson bass guitar. Bruce was always practising the guitar so he became the guitar player in his band. That way he found out that he should play the guitar instead of bass and from then on he was a lead guitarrist.

Bob took his brother to several concerts and they discovered a similar musictaste. Bruce's favorite musicians were Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page wich were Ace Frehleys too so Bruce fitted perfect into KISS because both KISS guitarrist had the same influences.

Bruce's first tour went through Germany. This was his first time outside North America but he found it very interesting. When he got back to America Meatloaf wanted to take him on tour due Bobs growing connections in music business. Bruce went on tour with a lot of differend bands and had his first recording session with Michael Wendorf in 1977. Short time after that Bruce found his next band called "Blackjack". Bruce's project after "Blackjack" was his new band "The Good Rats". Bruce and Bob ended up in the same band again but Bruce recorded just one album with them.

In 1984 Paul Stanley was thinking about the bands third lead guitarrist in two years. By 1972 Bob Kulick was trying out for KISS but at that time they took Ace. And because of Bobs connections to the band they knew Bruce for quite a long time and invited him to the Animalize sessions to do some work on a couple of tracks. When Mark St.John became ill Bruce took his place in the band because of his great skills and personal qualities. Bruce took over the roll as the KISS guitarrist for 12 years. He had his lead vocal debut in the song "I Walk Alone" on the KISS album "Carnival of Souls" .

Bruce is now a member of his own band Union and works with John Corabi. He published two solo albums, Audiodog and Transformer. Bruce is also working with other bands again ( like he always did ). He played some parts on Genes new soloalbum. You can find him very often on KISS Expos.