Ace Frehley


Real Name: Paul Daniel Frehley

Hair color: brown

Eyes: brown

High: 1.83m

Favorite color: black, silver

Birthdate: 04.27.1951

Birthplace: New York, Brooklyn

Residence: a suburb of New York

Marital Status: devorced ( he was married to

Jeanette Frehley )

Children: his daughter Monique

Hobbies: space travel, paintings, computers

KISS character: The Spaceman

KISSmember 1973-1982 and later 1996 untill 2002

Instruments: guitar, lead guitar, ( lead ) vocals

Influences: The Rollong Stones, Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles

Bands before KISS: Molimo, The Muff Divers

Films: KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park (1978 ), Detroit Rock City ( 1999 )


About Ace Frehley:

Ace was born in Brooklyn. He, his parents and his two older siblings moved to the Bronx when he was a child. His parents always tried to bring music into the family because his father was a very good clasically pianist. His brother Charly learned to play guitar by listening to folk music. Everybody in his family played an instrument and so Ace seemed to have the music in his genes. He picked up the guitar when he was 13 and played Beatles and Stones songs first. But Aces was facinated the most by the technical and mechanical site of guitars and amps. One day when he visited a friend at his house and heared him playing electric guitar he was really amazed about the loud and unbeliveable sound. He wanted his guitar to make similar sounds so he stoped teaching himself and took some guitar lessons from his brother. They were relly good and when he was 14 years old he got his first electric guitar from his father. Ace and his brother got better on this and a few years later they played together in several bands like Molimo or the Muff Divers. They were really good and had even the chance to get a record deal but they had not enough material. 1970 Ace met his ex-wife Jeanette. In 1972 he was looking for new ideas and read that Wicked Lester were loking for a guitarrist. According to Peter Criss Ace seemed to be very special when he walked in wearing a red and an orange sneaker and began to play while somebody else was playing.  They invited him to some recalls to play with him. In 1973 Ace was added to the band and they became KISS.

Ace has left KISS ( again ) and is replaced by Tommy Thayer. Ace wants to publish a new soloalbum after 13 years.